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There's something equally attractive about all these items, though I can't quite put my finger on it. It's always nice to find bookmarked pieces fitting well together. The mix of textures and lines makes me oh so happy. I also can't get enough of tassels (on everything). I recently acquired this bracelet that I wore religiously at the beach, and may pop back in for this one! It's always fun to get creative this time of year. When you can't layer on the clothes, mixing and matching different materials can make for quite the getup. This applies to your home as well, no?



one: tulip tassle necklace   ...   two: MOROCCAN berber wedding pillow   ...   three: hardwood clutch   ...   four: roadside hat   ...   five: ivory cowbone beads   ...   six: rustic terracotta jar   ...   seven: brass wall sconce   ...   eight: stacked sequins bracelet (SALE!!!)   ...   nine: jasper & jeera manju slides   ...   ten: whit hannah blouse   ...   eleven: anderson leather cling chair

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Natalie Catalina for Catalina Creative

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Natalie Catalina for Catalina Creative

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